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At TechSlate, we derive and relate our energies from the circle.

The circle, unlike every other shape, is not linear. It has no corners or endings; it represents our existence's fluidity that keeps the circle of growth, learning, and change alive. The circle symbolizes strength, elegance, and one-mindedness.


According to a Japanese school of thought called the Enso, it is by being as fluid as the circle that we grow, learn, and change every day. This never-ending cycle of change is what makes us dynamic and gives us the resilience and motivation to keep going no matter what. Architecture, nature, technology, space exploration, mathematics, theoretical physics, and biology derive their properties from circles. These domains, in turn, have guided our lives and made them better.


At TechSlate, our ultimate goal is to provide knowledge of everything that fuels your curiosity and enables you to become the best version of yourself through an experience that is connected, holistic, and affordable.

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The Creative Manifestation of the Brand Story

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A tree is the best example of the natural world that stands for constant adaptation and regeneration. We at TechSlate are inspired by this stoic dedication to branch out and thrive through a learning experience that is connected, holistic, and affordable.

The motion of Earth relative to the Sun and the Moon affect different phenomena on Earth, including day and night, the seasons, tides, and phases of the Moon. We at TechSlate derive our energies from this cyclical yet dynamic transformation in nature. It represents our existence's fluidity that keeps the circle of growth, learning, and change alive.

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There is a lot that we can learn from the natural world. Honeybees are nature’s ultimate team-players. In his book “Lessons from the Hive,” Mark L. Winston says: “honeybees thrive by relying on decentralized and collective decision making”.

Change is never easy. Moving forward in life is a cyclical process of learning new and unlearning the old, which sometimes feel like a daunting task. We at TechSlate are inspired by the mountains and we feel that the right preparation could make all the difference.

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The Logo

Our logo brings the TechSlate story together. It is blunt and uses the Japanese school of thought called the Enso
as its source - the circle of everyday growth, learning, and change.

Simplicity is at the core of all our communication.


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The Website

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To establish TechSlate as an open school platform where the learning experience is built to solve real-world problems and differentiate it from other brands in the online learning space.


To help people re-invent themselves and create an engaged learning community that thrives on love for learning, branching out to alternative knowledge systems at a pace at suits them best.

TechSlate is re-imagining learning and implementing it through an Open School approach with unlimited access to sessions, content, live discussion forums, and real-life projects. It is making learning a connected experience and, at the same time, builds on the learners’ capabilities of working on real-world team projects of some of the most admired companies in the world.

We nurture fluidity through personal mentorship and by creating an engaged community of co-learners who thrive on curiosity, innovations that solve real problems, and the inherent need to re-invent or build on what is old.