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Silver Talkies

Project: Social Media Design and Marketing

Silver Talkies Club is a group of warm, young-at-heart and spirited older adults exclusively created for those above 55 years of age.

The Challenge

In order to communicate the brand story and generate interest, the target audience for a brand like Silver Talkies is huge. 55+ audience on social media is lesser compared to a younger audience. The metrics can vary if we consider different platforms. So the idea is to primarily target people whose parents fall in that category and create content that intrigues and generates an interest in them as well as their parents about the Silver Talkies Community.

Curate content to spread awareness about the older community.

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Article-01 Large.jpeg

Campaigns and Giveaways during major festivals like Diwali and Christmas.

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ST_Diwali-03 Medium.jpeg
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ST_Diwali-02 Large.jpeg

Introducing members while giving a fun and young vibe


Creating content around various events happening to keep audience engaged and tell them what's in store for the Silver Talkies Community

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Event1 Large.jpeg
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Growing old in age is inevitable but growing old in mind, body and spirit can be prolonged with the right mindset and lifestyle. Active ageing is the most promising and economical form of preventive healthcare and this belief forms the core of this work.

The vision of Silver Talkies is to build a society where older adults can age gracefully with empowerment and dignity.

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