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Project: Packaging design and online visual identity

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ChefBoss aims to remedy the stereotypes around Ready-to-Cook products. The challenge was to create a fresh, distinct & new-age brand. The name ‘Chef Boss’ comes from the Instagram hashtag trend, #likeaboss, which represents the feeling of efficiency, flair, ease and above all, a command over a certain skill, or act – which is what is shown in the visual language of the brand.

The visual identity was conceptualized around the core emotion of love that goes into cooking for the family. The idea was to show a friendly, accessible brand especially when it comes to the younger generation who are trying to sustain themselves during the pandemic.

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Packaging Guidelines

The packaging is designed around the concept of ‘A Burst of Flavors’, with the dish and its ingredients in question being represented in all its glory, replete with cues of freshness and authenticity.


Product Shot Treatment

  • Angle of the container should be exactly the same

  • Container colour should match the existing Bowl

  • Container edge should be visible from all sides

  • Graphic shadow layer to be used underneath

  • Container filling should be based on the product inside, it should not be over/under filled


Ingredients Treatment

Since real ingredients are used in front of the pack in a 'floating' manner, it is important to have consistent angles for the images.


Ingredients should be clean and look fresh. Photos are either a top shot or at a 45° angle. 

Illustrations Treatment

Ingredient vectors are used on the blue brand colour patch to create an impact. It indicates the variety of ingredients used in the pack itself.​

The icons should look identical from a distance.

Icon style should be filled and flat.


The design system is highly adaptive, since ChefBoss offerings will be constantly evolving across cuisines & preferences. The blue of the container, and the top would remain constant for consistency and recall, while the shape of the vessel changes from cuisine to cuisine. The core ingredients are in the form of photo-realistic images, while the other ingredients are in the form of textures. This is, of course, to indicate what ingredients are abundantly in the dish and what is subsidiary, so as to not mislead the consumer. 

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All of these design choices serve to answer each and every question that the potential consumer may have when it comes to making their decision to buy ChefBoss products, which augments the brand image, especially providing highlighted cues of accessibility and ease of use.

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The pandemic has now compromised several aspects of home cooking. You cannot keep going out frequently to buy supplies. You cannot hire a cook to outsource everything, unless you can absolutely guarantee your collective safety. You cannot get an abundant supply of all the ingredients you want as supply chains are compromised. So, for those of us who aren’t as adept at navigating the culinary space, what do we do?


This is precisely where ChefBoss comes in.